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3rd Web Bubble Wrap: Protective Packaging

Posted by Laura Thayer on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 03:51 PM

3rd web bubble wrapDo you need 3rd Web Bubble Wrap?

3rd Web Bubble Wrap is one of those materials that have many uses, and is one of the most durable, heavy duty Bubble Wrap we carry!

The main two sizes that we carry in 3rd web material at Premier Protective Packaging is our 5/16 Bubble or 3/16 Bubble.

As the image displays to the left, the air bubbles are sandwiched inbetween the two layers of plastic. Most Standard bubble will just have the one layer of plastic with one bubble layer. With the 3rd Web Bubble Wrap you are going to get a Stronger, thicker material that is outstanding to use and re-use in the shipping process.


This material has many Benefits:3rd web bubble bag

  • Outstanding resistance to Tear and Punctures
  • The Bubble layers maintain consistent cushioning throughout package
  • Better protection using Less packaging material required
  • Air retention layers make it possible for more than one use

Other options besides our 3rd Web Bubble Wrap:

  • 1/8", 3/16", 5/16", or ½" bubble thickness.

There are all different kinds of Bubble Wrap out there in the world! Ever heard of Anti-static bubble or Metalized bubble? Below i listed the Top 6 Applications we come across here at Premier Protective Packaging on a daily basis.

Top 6 Applications:

anti-static bubble bag

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap: This type of bubble wrap is made from a specific blend of plastic that gives protection to sensitive electronic components that may damage from static discharge. Has a distinctive pink color for easy identification, ideal for lap tops, processors, cameras & phones. (Also available is an anti-static tape so no static electricity is made when pealing off tape from bag).metalized bubble

Metalized Bubble Wrap:This type of bubble creates a reflective surface for increased thermal properties. Metalized bubble material is a great heat barrier, some use it for industrial and commercial insulation and we typically make custom bags with a lip & tape.

green recycled bubble bagGreen Recycled Bubble Wrap: This recycled bubble packaging is manufactured with reusable polyethylene resin. Recycled. Recyclable. Reusable

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor:  This type of film (VCI) is especially unique because it is used for sensitive metals. It protects metals from getting rusty, greasy and stops corrosion before it even starts. This application can add to the life of the products by shielding them against the environmental factors.  With our products we usually take the VCI film and put bubble wrap on the outside of the bag to eliminate damage to the product inside.  

Adhesive Bubble Wrap: This type of bubble has adhesive backing that has the ability to stick to practically any other surface. Adhesive bubble allows total surface protection, no clean up required and it ca be re-used. Examples of Ideal Applications - painted surfaces, major appliances, coated/finished metal, fixtures and automotive parts.

Cohesive Bubble Wrap: This type of bubble is very similar to adhesive bubble wrap but the main difference is that is ONLY stick to itself. It bonds easily to itself and not to the product being packaged. Cohesive bubble also eliminates damage to product with complete cushioning protection.

All of these applications increase material strength and puncture resistance. Keep in mind that every packaging situation is different, so rely on your packaging professional for guidance and direction.

If you have any other questions, 1st look at our blog post called "Frequently Asked Questions" and if you still need help, feel free to "Ask the Expert". We are committed to making your product inquires top priority!



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