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Bubble Wrap vs. Kraft Paper: Protective Packaging

Posted by Laura Thayer on Wed, Nov 28, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

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Is there a Perfect Package?

The look of your product is just as important as the packaging itself! Packaging is not just about the Design of the actual package, but more importantly it is "how" you package it for the harsh world of Shipping!

Just recently we had a customer call in to get a quote on Bubble Wrap since the "Kraft" packaging they were using to get their product to their customers was actually tearing and their product was breaking in the shipping process. The head ache of returning, replacing and losing money was underway with their customers. This is where we came to the rescue! We quoted them on our 5/16 3rd Web Bubble based on the size of the bag they needed and the heavy metal tools they were shipping out. They loved our Sample we sent them and are now in the process of receiving their first shipment of our Custom 5/16 3rd Wed Bubble Bags.

Kraft Paper:

Kraft Paper is durable, versatile and a heavy weight paper. It is an all purpose material for wrapping, cushioning, or void fill. Although we do not carry Kraft Paper here at Premier Protective packaging, we like to shift people to protect their package in Bubble Wrap.

kraft paper

Kraft paper has it's up's and downs, it's a pretty cheap material that is biodegradable but not the best for "Protective Packaging"

The most common places you will see Kraft paper is with gift wrapping, grocery bags, retail shopping bags, mailing tubes, Pet litter/Food Bags & envelopes. If you ask me, all of these common places for Kraft Paper do not include "shipping" to a destination across the United States.

Do you want your product to be protected from Impact damage during the shipping process?

You will always need more protection with Glass, Metal, Frames, and many other breakable/heavy items. You may think bubble wrap is expensive but what is more important than shipping your product and not having to worry about a damaged product? Get your Bubble Wrap Today!!

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble Wrap keeps your product safe and protected from impact damage during the shipping process. We carry a wide variety of sizes - below are 4 different Bubble Wrap sizes pictured: 1/8", 3/16" 5/16 3rd Web and 1/2". All of these have great protection but in case you want more information on what might work for you based on each size, read this 4 Part Mini Series!

bubble wrap sizes

Note: Proper packaging will decrease shipping damage and pay for itself in the long run!

You will no longer have to think, will this make it to the customer without breaking? You might think adding Bubble wrap could put a damper on your shipping budget but in all reality you will save money by cutting cost of all the things going wrong with your current shipping method. 

The Perfect Package does exist, speak to our Experts to get the most practical and sustainable material to add that extra protection to your products. In addition to Bubble Wrap, We offer more Protective Packaging options, check out our Foam and Spun Bond materials!


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