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5/16” 3rd Web Bubble

Do you need heavy duty cushioning for the products you ship? Our 5/16-inch 3rd web bubble is one of the most durable bubble products we sell. We’ll make sure your items arrive at their destination safely and in one piece.

Despite the strength of our 5/16” 3rd web bubble, it is also lightweight for your unique shipping needs. This bubble packaging can be used for many different types of products since it is designed not to rip or puncture. The consistent cushioning throughout the package ensures that your entire item is protected from jarring movements during the shipping process. 

Get Quality Bubble Packaging for Your Items

Our Grand Rapids, MI, bubble packaging manufacturers provide a variety of bubble products, including 5/16-inch 3rd web bubble, for your shipping needs. We’re proud to serve customers across the country. Call Premier Protective Packaging today at (616) 791-7400, or contact us online to request a quote.

What Can We do For You?

We supply our customers with high quality protective packaging products, on time delivery and total customer satisfaction. View our product brochure for more info.