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How Effective is Bubble Wrap?

How effective is bubble wrap? The answer depends on how you're using this protective packaging. In 1957, bubble wrap failed to gain popularity as a textured wallpaper. Learn more →

Online Grocery Services Demand Protective Packaging

Online grocery services attract customers with busy lifestyles who want to save time. Are you thinking of shifting your business model to include online grocery delivery? Learn more →

What the “Amazon Effect” Means for Protective Packaging

What's more convenient than shopping from home on your smartphone? It's this question that has helped fuel what's known as the "Amazon Effect. Learn more →

How Does Protective Packaging Influence Consumer Behavior?

Brands spend a lot of money to research and design the best packaging. That way, their products are more likely to attract shoppers in stores. Yet, did you know protective packaging is also important when you ship to customers? Learn more about protective packaging →

How Do you Dispose of bubble wrap

WPrice and quality will always influence buying decisions. Yet, more customers want to know how their favorite products impact the environment. Learn more about bubble wrap disposal →

3 Ways Protective Packaging Improves the Unboxing Experience

Why is popping a sheet of bubble wrap so satisfying? The answer may have to do with the fight-or-flight response passed down by our ancestors. Using bubble wrap can also give you peace of mind when you're shipping products for your company. Learn more about protective packaging →

Why Does Bubble Wrap Relieve Stress?

Why is popping a sheet of bubble wrap so satisfying? The answer may have to do with the fight-or-flight response passed down by our ancestors. Using bubble wrap can also give you peace of mind when you're shipping products for your company. Learn more about bubble wrap relieving stress →

Which Packaging Type is Right for My Business?

How do you package your products? If your business is relatively new, you might not have all of the details figured out just yet. One detail that many new business owners overlook is the question of whether they’re using the right type of packaging for the products they ship. Learn more about packaging types for business →

What Type of Bubble Packaging Should I Use?

Bubble packaging is one of the most common types of protective packaging that businesses use. Whether you opt for bubble wrap, bubble bags, or lay-flat bubble tubing, it’s great for keeping items safe during shipping and working as a void-fill in larger containers. Learn more about types of bubble packaging →

Is Your Packaging Costing You?

As a business owner, it can be tempting to try and cut costs wherever possible. However, shipping material is one area where it pays to invest. Although there might be an additional cost up front, protective packaging can help your business save money in the long run. Learn more about packaging costs →

How Bad Packaging Affects Your Business

As a business owner, your reputation is everything. Believe it or not, the way you package your items for shipping can have a huge impact on the way your customers perceive your business. Good protective packaging can make a great first impression that your customers will remember. Learn more about bad packaging and business →

How to Minimize Product Damage During Shipping

Have your customers ever complained that their products arrived broken, dented, or scratched? At Premier Protective Packaging, our packaging manufacturers understand that it can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive to deal with frequent refunds for damaged items. Learn more about bad packaging and business →

3 Packaging Mistakes You Might Be Making

Are you making mistakes when it comes to the packaging your company uses? At Premier Protective Packaging, our team of protective packaging suppliers knows their stuff when packaging is involved. When done right, your packaging should represent your brand and keep your items secure during transit. Learn more about packaging mistakes →

Do You Need Protective Packaging?

If your company sells anything that needs to be shipped, chances are you’ve thought about investing in protective packaging. Protective packaging such as bubble wrap or foam can prevent items from becoming damaged during the shipping process. Learn more about protective packaging →

What are the Best Packaging Supplies for Shipping?

Aren’t sure what packaging supplies are best for what you need to ship? You’ve come to the right place. As a bubble wrap manufacturer, we help businesses just like yours find the right protective packaging for a wide range of products. The type of packaging you use will depend on the size, shape, and type of product you need to ship. Learn more about the best packaging supplies for shipping →

How to Save Money with Protective Packaging Supplies

Did you know the right packaging supplies can help your business save money in the long run? Not only does protective packaging reduce losses and refunds, but it also protects your brand’s reputation. Continue reading to learn how you can start saving money with protective packaging. Learn more about saving money with protective packaging →

Learn the Fun Bizarre History of Bubble Wrap

Think you know all there is to know about bubble wrap? Think again. Bubble wrap is so much more than just a sheet filled with capsules of trapped air—they’re used to relieve stress, protect items during shipping, and were originally intended to be used as textured wallpaper. Learn more about the fun history of bubble wrap →

How Do Packaging Supplies Affect Online Reviews?

Your customers expect items to arrive at their destinations intact, wrapped in protective packaging. While this isn’t new information, many retailers are missing out on opportunities to reinforce their brands and improve customer satisfaction. Learn more about choosing the right shipping products →

Should I Use Bubble Wrap or Packing Foam?

Bubble wrap and packing foam are commonly used to make sure items remain intact during shipping. However, do you know what packaging supplies are best for your business and the types of items you ship? Learn more about choosing the right shipping products →

Is Shipping Damage Hurting Your Brand? [Updated]

Are you using enough bubble wrap and packing foam? The answer may surprise you. If you notice more customers returning products due to shipping damage, you’ll need to call us as soon as possible. We provide the packaging materials you need to make sure items arrive safely and intact at their destinations. Learn more about how shipping damage could be hurting your brand and what you can do to protect your company’s reputation →

Why You Should Have Spunbound Polypropylene Products

Spunbond Polypropylene (SBPP) packaging is best suited for surfaces that don’t require cushioned protection. Instead of being used for shielding products from sharp impact during transportation, spunbond polypropylene is used for making sure no scratches mar the surface of your product. Learn more about why you should have spunbound polypropylene products →

How the Right Packaging Supplies Save You Money

Aren’t sure if you’re using the right packaging supplies for your budget? The right protective packaging will help you save money in the long run by preventing shipping damage and dissatisfied customers. Continue reading to learn why you should buy bubble wrap, foam inserts, and more for your company. For more information, reach out to a foam and bubble wrap supplier near you. Learn more about how to save money with the right packaging supplies →

What Size Bubble Wrap Do I Need?

Are you using the right size bubble wrap for your business? Choosing the wrong bubble wrap to package items can cost you money and customer satisfaction. Not all bubble sizes are created equally, which means you’ll want to ask your bubble wrap suppliers what products will work best for the items you ship. Continue reading to learn what size bubble wrap you need to make sure items arrive safely at their destinations. Learn more about facts about choosing the right size bubble wrap →

Types of Foam Packaging for Shipping

Did you know that there are different types of foam packaging used for shipping? The type of packing foam you choose for your company will depend on the fragility of the products you’re shipping, method of transportation, and product design. Learn more about facts about foam packaging and shipping →

How to Use Spunbond Polypropylene Packaging for Shipping [Updated]

Unlike foam and bubble packaging products, spunbond polypropylene may not fully protect your items from impact damage during shipping. Instead, this cloth-like material protects items from being scratched before they have a chance to arrive at their destinations. Learn more about facts about spunbond polypropylene packaging →

Benefits of Foam Packaging

Have you ever wondered what the difference between bubble wrap and foam packaging is? In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of foam packaging materials so you can make the best decision for your business. Learn more about foam packaging benefits →

7 Tips For Shipping Items Using Bubble Wrap

We understand that when you ship products, you want to ensure they will arrive at their destination intact. This guide was written to help business owners just like you keep their shipping items safe with quality bubble wrap products. Learn more about shipping items using bubble wrap →

How To Recycle Your Protective Packaging

Once you’ve received a package in the mail, what do you do with the protective bubble sheets? If you’re like most people, you probably stomp on the bubble sheet to hear that wondrous stress-relieving popping sound (and also because it’s fun). However, did you know that there’s a way to recycle bubble sheets after they have been popped? Learn more about how to recycle protective packaging →

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