What are the Best Packaging Supplies for Shipping?

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Aren’t sure what packaging supplies are best for what you need to ship? You’ve come to the right place. As a bubble wrap converter, we help businesses just like yours find the right protective packaging for a wide range of products. The type of packaging you use will depend on the size, shape, and type of product you need to ship. For example, electronics will need a anti-static foam or bubble wrap to safely dissipate electrostatic charge.

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Choosing the Right Packaging Supplies

The best cushioning material should be:

  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Clean
  • Non-abrasive
  • Absorbent of impact
  • Anti-static (for electronics)
  • Anti-corrosion (for metal items)

Small Items

An easy way to see if you’re using the right packaging materials is to gently shake a box that’s ready to be shipped. The items inside the box should be snug and wrapped in protective packaging so it won’t rattle. If you can hear movement inside the box, there’s the risk that your items will get jostled during shipping and break before they can reach their destination.

Check out our small foam pouches and bubble bags when you need to ship coins, medals, jewelry, nuts and bolts, phone batteries, and other small items. We also have bubble out bags with lip and tape. Keeping your small items enclosed in the appropriate protective packaging will help prevent it from being jostled or lost during shipping.


Steering wheel covers can be made of polyethylene foam laminated to high density film or spunbonded polypropylene for a breathable cloth-like material. The elastic band around the circumference allows you to fit it over the steering wheel so it’s protected from grease or oil. If you run an auto repair shop, steering wheel covers keep car interiors clean while they’re being serviced. Likewise, steering wheel covers keep car interiors clean while they’re being moved to a new location.

We also recommend using spunbond polypropylene for surfaces you don’t want to scratch, such as car side mirrors. Spunbond polypropylene is soft, lightweight, breathable, non-toxic, and resistant to tears.

Irregularly-Shaped Items

Custom sized foam or bubble sheets, bags and sleeves are perfect for shipping items that are fragile and/or irregularly shaped. As a foam and bubble converter, we’re able to create custom foam and bubble products that protect the items you wish to ship on all sides. Not only do custom foam and bubble inserts absorb impact from the outside, but they also keep your items securely in place until they arrive at their destinations.


Ask about our pink anti-static foam if you need to ship electronics. Anti-static foam is designed to slowly and safely dissipate electrostatic charge, which helps prevent damage to sensitive electrical components. Our pink anti-static foam can be custom cut to any sheet size or thickness you need.

Metal Items

Our ability to laminateVCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) film to our bubble bags help prevent metal items from rusting during shipping. The VCI film in these bubble bags have been imbued with chemical formulations that stop vapor molecules from condensing on exposed metal surfaces.

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