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What are VCI Bubble Bags?

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Packaging metal items and shipping them off to another destination is not always easy. Unlike products that are plastic or paper based, metal objects have the potential to rust during transport, especially if exposed to high humidity over long periods of time. 

To prevent damage of this nature from occurring in the first place, we recommend the use of VCI bubble bags. VCI stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor and it is a chemical substance that helps to protect your metals so that they are ready to use or install right out of the package.

But how do they work? In this blog, we will be answering that question as well as listing a few examples of items best shipped using this type of product. 

How Does VCI Work?

As previously mentioned, a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) is a chemical substance that works to decrease the corrosion rate of a material. Oftentimes, VCIs are utilized when the use of certain rust preventative liquids or surface treatments are impractical or simply not wanted. 

VCIs release compounds into a sealed air space that prevent corrosion by actively forming strong bonds with a metal surface. This then maintains the oxide layer that naturally exists on the metal. The layer formed by the VCI is dry, invisible, and does not negatively affect the metal it is protecting.

One of the most widespread uses of VCIs for packaging purposes is VCI film. Our VCI bubble bags actually contain a VCI film inside of them that has been saturated with chemical formulations meant to stop vapor molecules from condensing on exposed metal surfaces.

VCI bubble bags are great for preserving a wide range of products but there are certain materials that are better suited for them than others. 

Use VCI bubble bags to protect items that contain these materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Iron 
  • Cast-iron
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • Silicone steel

Protect Your Metal Inventory

VCI bubble packaging is ideal for sealing up metal fabricated objects like machine components, nuts and bolts, handles, and more. The bags themselves are appropriately sized for objects to be safely inserted inside and are able to properly seal for protection.

Your shipping inventory is important to you and here at Premier Protective Packaging, we take that to heart. Our VCI bubble bags are designed to keep your metal items safe from the onset of rust and your customers happy. 

Safely Ship Jewelry

Do you own a jewelry shop and need to ensure that those purchasing pieces receive them in mint condition? You’re in luck because VCI bubble bags will do just that for you.

Enclosed inside of the bubble bag, your jewelry will be able to fight off metal deterioration, like rust, thanks to the VCI. For example, a necklace made of sterling silver will arrive to its new owner unscathed and just as shiny as it was when you sent it out for delivery.

Preserve Automotive Parts

If you or your business handles metal automotive parts on a regular basis, then you are aware of how susceptible they can be to rust. The last thing you want is for your customers to receive a part that has fallen victim to corrosion during shipping or improper storage.

Simply slipping these automotive parts into a VCI bubble bag before they are shipped off, will save you parts and frankly, money in the long run. 

Stop Rust and Harmful Corrosion 

Tired of crossing your fingers and hoping your metal products don’t develop rust during shipping or long-term storage? VCI bubble bags from Premier Protective Packaging are the solution you need.

Our team of protective packaging experts in Grand Rapids, MI, are here to help you and your business avoid unwanted shipping damage. Contact us online to request a quote or call Premier Protective Packaging at (616) 791-7400.

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