Which Packaging Type is Right for My Business?

Which Packaging Type Is Right For My Business?

How do you package your products? If your business is relatively new, you might not have all of the details figured out just yet. One detail that many new business owners overlook is the question of whether they’re using the right type of packaging for the products they ship. At Premier Protective Packaging, our packaging manufacturers are industry experts when it comes to packing and shipping your items. Here are a few tips to help you choose which type of protective packaging to use in your business.

Packaging For Your Business

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap was invented in 1957 and was originally intended to be a type of textured wallpaper. Today, it’s a major component of the protective packaging industry. Bubble wrap works well to cushion most products during the shipping process. It’s a popular protective packaging choice for many businesses because it can be bought in bulk and cut to size if needed.

Our protective packaging manufacturers offer a variety of bubble wrap products for your business, including bubble bags, laminated bubble products, anti-static bubble wrap, bubble tubing, and more. Our best-selling bubble product is our 3/16" bubble-out-bag with lip and tape. If you’re not sure which of our bubble packaging would best suit your products, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Use bubble wrap when:

  • You want to protect breakable items
  • Your items are particularly large or heavy
  • You have to fill space in a larger box


While not as popular as bubble wrap, foam has its own place in the protective packaging industry. Like bubble wrap, packing foam also uses air bubbles to shield products from damage during shipping. However, these bubbles are much smaller than those in bubble wrap. Because of this, shipping foam can be made much thinner than bubble wrap can be.

At Premier Protective Packaging, we offer both polypropylene and polyethylene foam products that are clean, affordable, nonabrasive, and lightweight. Best of all, our low-density polyethylene is recyclable, making it ideal for companies concerned with their ecological footprint. Our packing foam comes in sheets, rolls, and bags, so it’s perfect for items both large and small. We stock 1/8" foam packaging in sizes ranging from 3”x4” to 24"”x24”.

Use shipping foam when:

  • You are shipping multiple items in one box and would like to package them individually
  • You are protecting oddly-shaped items that you want to wrap
  • You want to separate items such as plates or glasses when packing

Ultimately, the type of protective packaging you use will depend on your budget, your brand, and the products you’re selling. Rest assured that no matter what type of protective packaging you need, our team of experts can help you bring your vision to life.

When it comes to protective packaging, the Grand Rapids, MI packaging manufacturers at Premier Protective Packaging know how to do it right. We use state-of-the-art technology to create custom protective packaging that meets your business needs. For more information or to request a free quote, give us a call at (616) 791-7400 today.

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