Learn the Fun Bizarre History of Bubble Wrap

Learn the Fun Bizarre History of Bubble Wrap Grand Rapids, MI

Think you know all there is to know about bubble wrap? Think again. Bubble wrap is so much more than just a sheet filled with capsules of trapped air—they’re used to relieve stress, protect items during shipping, and were originally intended to be used as textured wallpaper. It’s time to learn about the fun (and bizarre) history of bubble wrap. Are you ready?

The History of Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Then

It was 1957—a time when Americans watched TV in black and white and 24 cents could get you a gallon of gas. The internet and social media did not exist and would not exist for a few decades.

It was during this time that two men had their sights on creating the best textured wallpaper on the market. To create the wallpaper, they pressed two shower curtains together to trap pockets of air and even tried to create a machine that would create the plastic wallpaper, but with a paper backing. In a twist of fate, the machine only produced plastic sheets that would later become what we now know as bubble wrap.

While the fad of textured wallpaper never caught on, Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes didn’t let that discourage them. They later tried to market the material as greenhouse insulation before finally succeeding by selling it as a packing material.

Bubble Wrap Now

Today, we can’t imagine what life would be like without bubble wrap. Any time one of your customers orders a product, it’ll most likely be nestled in a swath of bubble wrap. Many of us also have fun memories of popping the bubbles and relieving stress. A recent study actually shows that popping bubble wrap relieves stress by releasing muscle tension, much like jiggling your foot or tapping your fingers.

Both small and large businesses across the world trust bubble wrap to make sure items arrive at their destinations intact. As a national supplier of packing material, we provide so much more than just bubble wrap sheets. We provide a way for companies to safely ship their items to retailers and customers.

How Bubble Wrap Affects Your Business

Whether your company is a B2B or B2C, you can count on our expertise to recommend the right packaging supplies for your industry. For example, we provide anti static bubble wrap to dissipate dangerous electrostatic discharge while shipping electronics.

Bubble wrap comes in different sizes depending on what you need to ship. For example, small bubble wrap is perfect for preventing scratches and scrapes. Large bubble wrap, on the other hand, is used to protect items from impact damage during shipping. We recommend using more than one size bubble wrap to support your shipping needs. That way, items are protected from both scratch and impact damage during shipping.

The last thing you want is for customers to open your boxes, only to discover items damaged during shipping. Not only does shipping damage affect your reputation, but it also costs you money. When an item is damaged during shipping, customers often send them back for a replacement.

In the long term, shipping damage can make people less likely to do business with you. Fortunately, we provide a range of bubble wrap and other packaging supplies.

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