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How Effective is Bubble Wrap?

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Curious how effective bubble wrap really is? It depends on how you’re using it.

Bubble wrap is a protective packaging product that countless companies use to protect fragile items during shipping. However, simply throwing a sheet of bubble wrap into a box won’t guarantee that your package will arrive at its destination safely. Using bubble wrap correctly is the only way to use bubble wrap effectively.

The last thing you want is for customers to open your boxes only to discover shipping damage. Not only does this affect your reputation, but it also costs you money. Unhappy customers are more likely to return items and post negative online reviews. The effectiveness of your protective packaging can go a long way in protecting not just your products, but also your brand.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use bubble wrap effectively so you can be confident that your packages will ship safely.

Choosing the Right Bubble Size

Making sure you have the right size of bubble wrap for your product will go a long way in making sure your product doesn’t sustain damage during transportation.

Smaller bubbles are good for smaller items and can help prevent scratches and scrapes. Medium bubbles offer standard protection for your typical products. Larger bubbles work well for filling voids and protecting against damage from accidental drops. They also provide cushion for typical items.

The best part about bubble wrap sizes is that you can mix and match to achieve the safest results. For example, you can use a smaller bubble size to protect your TV screen from being scratched while shipping and also add a sheet of larger bubbles to protect the TV against impact damage.

Filling the Entire Box

A rookie mistake when it comes to protective packaging is thinking that your product will be safe in a thin layer of bubble wrap, even if it’s packaged in a large box.

It’s important to use a box that fits your product and your protective packaging, but doesn’t leave much room for anything else. If you’re using a box that’s too big for your item, you’ll need to fill all void areas with protective bubble sheeting or another bubble product to prevent shipping damage.

Be Confident in Your Protective Packaging

If you use bubble wrap correctly, you can be confident that your packages will reach their destinations safely. Premier Protective Packaging is a national bubble manufacturer that has helped customers protect items during shipping for more than 15 years. To request a quote for our bubble products, call (616) 791-7400 or contact us online.

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